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Hangzhou arrives beautiful river airline ticket
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Hangzhou general but surtax of fuel of Lijiang of non-stop flight to is not reduced temporarily

Origin: Xinhua net time: 2008-12-5

Rose on December 8, xiamen Airline will open Hangzhou, Osaka course. And this year the end of the year or next year the beginning of the year, still will open Hangzhou, airliner of non-stop flight to, this also is Hangzhou the airliner of Li Jiang of the first non-stop flight to. After, go Li Jiang will be more convenient.

   Have airliner flying Osaka everyday

All the time since, go to Japan from Hangzhou, can take Japanese scheduled flight only, after, can take the flight of domestic airline, and also will more convenient.

Rose on December 8, hangzhou, regular course opens Osaka international, every week one, 5 carry out. Increase the flight number of Japanese airline, after, will have a flight number everyday from Osaka of Hangzhou non-stop flight to. This airliner general by brand-new Boeing 737 planes hold fly, 9 when 40 minutes from Hangzhou only then hair, 11 when arrive at Osaka 35 minutes, 12 when return 35 minutes from Osaka, 15 when arrive at Hangzhou 15 minutes.

Li Jiang should go previously, can go to Shanghai from Hangzhou only, go by air again Li Jiang. This year the end of the year or next year the beginning of the year, hangzhou, airliner of Li Jiang non-stop flight to also will debut, can be in Hangzhou later by air Li Jiang of non-stop flight to. This course will be in every week one, Zhou Wu executes a flight number going there and back each.

   Fuel surtax does not fall

As international crude price drop, a few countries and area reduce surtax of international course fuel in succession. But surtax of domestic line fuel, do not have any reducing evidence.

The reporter interviewed many airline, they all express, because case of boat oil price and case of finished product oil price have not conform with the international market,this basically is, domestic oil price did not follow to international oil price changes and change, but domestic active oil price, already oil price of prep above international. The fuel surtax of domestic relevant line, short-term inside can reduce not quite.

Surtax of domestic line fuel, begin to be moved through going up 4 times early or late from 2005, outback course 800 kilometers are the following boat paragraph surtax of every passenger fuel is 60 yuan, 800 kilometers (contain) above boat paragraph it is 100 yuan. (young times author: Gu Xiaoyan)

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