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Na Hang opens Shenzhen to come the airliner that do not have stannum
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Na Hang opens Shenzhen to come the airliner that do not have stannum

Reporter Liu Qida reporter crystal clear origin of Ling of wide, Liu Xiao: Guangzhou daily time: 2008-11-30

Dispatch of our newspaper Shenzhen (reporter Liu Qida reporter crystal clear Ling of wide, Liu Xiao) company of Na Hang Shenzhen announces 29 days, since December 1, boat reachs enlightened Shenzhen the flight number that do not have stannum south, strengthen with this bead the connection between trigonometry and long triangle.
According to Na Hang chief of department of Shenzhen company market introduces, this course basically is business affairs passenger, still have many tourists next. Because do not have stannum to be located in between Shanghai, peaceful, Hang Zhi, passenger apt serves as terminal with having stannum, such passengers are flown to after having stannum, the road surface traffic that can carry advantage arrives at and other places of Nanjing, Suzhou, Changzhou, Shanghai respectively. In the meantime, because do not have the urban economy such as stannum and Suzhou swift and violent development, make another window of long triangle economy, in recent years from bead the past Suzhou, waits for a city without stannum business affairs passenger before trigonometry also mushroom. To Shenzhen citizen, if head for the long three-cornered Nanjing, word that travels without the famous city such as stannum, Suzhou, much a course can offer an alternative.

According to introducing, na Hang Shenzhen comes to go without stannum CZ3209 of Cheng airliner date, everyday 17: 35 take off from Shenzhen, 19: 40 arrive at without stannum; CZ3210 of date of return trip airliner, 20: 25 take off without stannum, 22: 35 return Shenzhen. Daily and roundtrip each 1, use empty objective 320 large wide system plane flies.

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