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Na Hang rolls out special offer airline ticket only 2-5 is folded
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This indulgence activity of Na Hang, on the foundation of the price on original net, favourable extent is folded in 2-5 for the most part between, some line are small even to 1 fold. The activity is involved many only then nearly 100 line that deliver a city. Be like the Urumqi January 14 only then the favourable fare that delivers line, urumqi - the price on Chongqing net only 510 yuan (be equivalent to total value 2.8 fold) ; To Zhengzhou 550 yuan (2.5 break a level) ; Urumqi - Shanghai 700 yuan (2.5 break a level) ; The fare on the net to Xi'an is 420 yuan, favourable extent is achieved 8 fold; Urumqi arrives Jinan 830 yuan, be equivalent to full price 3.5 fold.

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