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Quiet wave airliner debuts on the west
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Avalokitesvara airport opens new line of Xi'an peaceful wave

Origin: Xuzhou daily time: 2008-12-5

To strengthen the economic connection of Xuzhou city and center-west region further, avalokitesvara airport opens flight number of Xuzhou flying Xi'an 12 days, still will open Xuzhou at the same time -- peaceful wave course.  

As we have learned, xi'an of historical culture famous city is our country one of main cities western, it is center of the science and technology western, education, industry, also be significant aviation key position. Go out for convenient citizen row, promotional Xuzhou city and western the connection of the area, avalokitesvara airport course and Hainan airline cooperate, come on enlightened on December 12 Xuzhou the course of Xi'an, the schedule of this course is every week 2, 4, 6, type is D328, in the morning 09: 00 take off from Xi'an, 10: 30 arrive at Xuzhou, afternoon 14: 40 take off from Xuzhou, 16: 10 arrive at Xi'an.

Additional, debut in Xi'an course that day, avalokitesvara airport still reachs enlightened Xuzhou Ning Bo's course, schedule is every week 2, 4, 6, type is D328, 11: 00 take off from Xuzhou, 12: 20 arrive at Ning Bo. 12: 50 Cong Ningbo takes off, 14: 10 arrive at Xuzhou.

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