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Tianjin goes to Shanghai airline ticket minimum price 260 yuan
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Minimum price of ferry Shanghai airline ticket 260 yuan

Origin: Daily new newspaper time: 2008-12-27

Daily new newspaper dispatch (reporter Zhang Qi) the reporter learns, begin from next year new year's day, age aviation will Tianjin - Shanghai course by every week 7 airliners, cut to every week 4 airliners. The transport power that takes evacuate basically will be used at Zhengzhou - the operation of Shanghai course. The reporter understands from Tianjin airport, this lunar the middle ten days of a month, after lucky aviation is joined, this course is achieved everyday 9 roundtrip tall frequency operation. Because participate in the airline of operation to amount to 6, the price of this course also is achieved this year lowermost cereal. Current, level of fare of this course lowest is 2.5 fold, be equivalent to 260 yuan. Although the passenger was bought that day, also can enjoy lowermost discount.

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