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Tianjin holds a boat in the palm to succeed to black Lan Ba
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Tianjin holds a boat in the palm to succeed to black Lan Ba

Origin: Time of website of news of Chinese civil aviaton: 2008-12-5

This net dispatch (reporter Li Yiyong) on December 4 15 when, overcome 100 planes smooth be born as the blessing of airline of a Mongolia, the mark is worn Tianjin to Wulanbatuo course head boat succeeds, this is medium after unconscious airway is enlightened, the first when Tianjin airport greets comes from the official airline of Mongolia country.
According to introducing, tianjin is afterwards after Huhhot and Beijing, the Chinese city of the 3rd as formal as Mongolia country be open to navigation or air traffic. This airliner by Mongolia airline (Aero Mongolia, co. Ltd) manage solely, type blessing is overcome 100, every week one, 5 each one, time of the flight in sky 2 hours, mongolia and China lie same time zone, without time difference. MNG807 airliner 13:00 take off from Wulanbatuo, 15:00 arrive at Tianjin. MNG808 airliner 16:00 take off from Tianjin, 18:00 return Wulanbatuo.
The first Mongolia airline is Mongolia republic civilian battalion airline, began May from this year, had undertaken for many times flying cooperative with Tianjin airport. Focke 100 model the plane is the plane of double engine branch line that overcomes company development by Holand blessing, have reliable security and good comfortable sex, patrol speek of a ship or plane spends 756 kilometers / hour, carry a guest to measure 108 people.
Tianjin is a big talk with Mongolia the closest distance, occupy statistical number to show, mongolia the marine goods of 100% is pass in and out of by Tianjin harbor. What Tianjin holds airway in the palm to black Lan Ba is enlightened, created convenience condition for person of traveler of two countries business not only, at the same time will strong pull move the content between two countries to shed trade growth.
Development of seaside new developed area is opened and content of center of shipping of construction China northward international, international sheds program goal of the center, attracted increasing international aviation to carry the attention that sheds a business with content. Mongolia airline is in Tianjin municipal government and Tianjin airport support energetically below, the important aviation port that builds Mongolia to lead to world of join of Chinese down to in Tianjin and guest freight are defeated by the passageway in sky, this is Tianjin airport, harbour the outstanding show that interactive advantage brings competition ability.

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