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Airline ticket of Changsha flying Guangzhou
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Fare of Changsha flying Guangzhou 150 yuan

Origin of Li Zhi Zhang Zhonglin: Time of 3 Hunan Metropolis Daily: 2008-12-28

Our newspaper the son of Ms. Zhang was in dispatch on December 27 Shenzhen reads an university, next year the left and right sides should be on winter vocation on January 20. Ms. Zhang bought a piece of Shenzhen ahead of schedule now the airline ticket to Changsha, hook up the airport builds cost and fuel surtax just 290 yuan, as about the same as train sleeper. Ms. Zhang laughs not approach mouth: "Spent 5 minutes, do on the computer in the home decided, really petty gain goes to the lavatory again! Really petty gain goes to the lavatory again!!

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